Why my son loves The Circle Magazine and why yours will too!

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I first heard about Circle Magazine at Ohr Naava’s Brooklyn Mrkt. I brought home a copy to see if my son liked it before I ordered a whole subscription. Not only did my son like it, he is hooked! Moishy loves Circle Magazine for its funny comics, exciting stories and interesting facts.  There are always magazines in our house. I love reading through food and family magazines to gather inspiration and learn about the latest trends. My Kids usually leaf through them after I am done and bemoan “Mommy, there is nothing in here for me”, well now they have their own magazine filled with things just for them! Each edition of Circle is jam packed with age appropriate articles and information. Circle Magazine launched in September 2016 as a weekly magazine geared towards kids ages 7-13. You can tell that Circle is a cut above, just by flipping through the pages. When my husband and I were schmoozing in the living room one Shabbos afternoon, talking about the latest goings on with the President, Moishy joined the conversation with “Oh yeah, President Trump just bombed Syria”. My husband and I looked at each other and asked Moishy where he heard that, he smiled and said “I just read it in Circle Magazine”. That is when we knew, that this isn’t just a fun magazine, it is also an educational one, and we are thrilled to have our son read it.

Our 5 year old daughter’s job when she gets home from school is to get the mail from the mailbox at the end of the driveway. When our first issue arrived just in time for Pesach, Dassie came running into the house screaming “Moishy, Moishy your magazine is here”. Moishy was so excited to get mail just for him. Of course, Dassie wanted a copy too, but since she can’t read yet, she enjoys the colorful pictures, and the entertaining stories that Moishy reads to her when he is being a sweet big brother.


This weeks beautiful cover


There are recurring columns like ”Weekly Yarzheit”, where each week another Gadol or Torah personality is written about; their biographies shared and their middos highlighted. There are recipes perfectly laid out in easy to follow format. And there are stories broken down into weekly chapters that have the reader eagerly waiting to find out what happens next!

I asked Moishy some questions about why he loves reading Circle Magazine; here is what he had to say.

Me: Moishy, what are your favorite things about Circle Magazine?

Moishy: It always has Calamity Kalman aka “Cal-Kal”, who always gets himself into a sticky situation and then manages to save the day. One time on Lag Baomer the shul bonfire got out of control and Cal-Kal saved everyone by putting it out.  I also like reading “Shimmy and Shai”, they are detectives. They once solved a case about a stolen diamond. I also like reading about current events.

Me: What is the most exciting thing that you read about in Circle Magazine?

Moishy: 3-D printing! It is so cool how people can make toys and models and even entire lego sets! Mommy can you please get me a 3-D printer for my birthday?

Me: No :-), but we can get you something else. Moishy, can you tell me in one sentence why you love Circle Magazine so much?

Moishy: Since I love reading, it helps me learn in a fun way outside of school.

Me: Thanks Moishy, that was great!

Moishy got a little worried about what will happen to his magazines while he is in camp this summer, and it hit me! It is really the perfect thing to add to a care package along with some treats.  Is your child going away to sleep away camp this summer? Just think how awesome it would be for him/her to receive a magazine to read in their bunk house during rest time (of course after they write you a letter 😉 ) and share it with their friends?

Circle Magazine is sold at most kosher supermarkets, or for a better deal you can subscribe to have it mailed to your home weekly. At KosherMoms we like to give back to our readers whenever possible. I reached out to Circle to see if they would be so kind as to offer a discount on the magazine. They said they really never offer a discount since they know their product is very worth the price, but they agreed to just this once offer $10 off a year subscription. Guys, they never ever do this! So be sure to mention “Koshermoms” when you call 732-592-5437 to order your subscription.

After you get your first copy, drop us a line and let us know how much your child loves Circle Magazine!


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