The Ultimate Superbowl Menu

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We at KosherMoms are so excited to be gearing up for our first ever KosherMoms Super Bowl Party! We have been busy creating new recipes for our site and decided to do a roundup of all the perfect Super Bowl specialties in one spot to make your party prep that much easier!
These easy Sausage in Blanks  have a really cute football detail and are a perfect finger-food.

Sweet and spicy salami will satisfy everyone at your party.

 Facon-wrapped-kielbasa-with-brown-sugar-glaze are juicy bites of meaty goodness that will keep your guest coming back for more! Make sure to double the recipe!

Our on trend Pulled Beef Flatbread is hearty and so delicious!

What would a Super Bowl Party be without something fried? These BBQ Pulled Beef Wontons are crispy on the outside and filled with sweet and savory pulled brisket on the inside:

If you want to serve something aside from finger food, here is a great option for a really satisfying sandwich The Reuben!

These bite size facon wrapped avocados are  crispy and creamy all at the same time!

This is a great option to sneak a little health into the menu- while not compromising on taste! chipotle-frankfurter-wrapped-in-guacamole/

And you may have seen this one in the newspapers, the word spread fast when they heard that we came up these awesome Beer Battered Mini Franks

Whatever you make for your SuperBowl Party we hope you enjoy! Comment below and let us know which recipes you tried! Enjoy the food (and the game ) 🙂

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