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This is my family’s basic pesach menu “guideline” for 2017.  I call this a guideline because I cook most of my menu items the last few days before yom tov starts and freeze it.  Then, erev yom tov I play around in the kitchen adding creative side dishes to the menu because the bulk of the cooking is already done and my creative spirit is free to have fun!  This is when I make colorful salads, a variety of dips, cakes and cookies, roasted colorful vegetables to keep on hand, etc.


As you can see, I will be serving Gefilta fish (or fresh Carp if my husband is able to catch one at a nearby lake) for most of the meals as appetizer.  That’s because my parents will be coming and it is a staple for them, hence the menu repeats  🙂


Also, you may notice that I make what we call “Kiddie food” to have on hand, which is something nutritive for my kids to enjoy before the seder begins, since it is a long night and my husband will be dishing out his famous chocolate hazelnut frog truffles before the meal is served.


Have a Chag Kosher V’Sameach!


Pesach 2017 Menu Guideline

 First SederFirst Day Yomtov LunchSecond SederSecond Day Yomtov Lunch Friday NightShabbos Day
AppetizerCarp/ White Fish/ Gefilta FishCarp/ White Fish/ Gefilta FishCarp/ White Fish/ Gefilta FishCheese BlintzesGefilta FishGefilta Fish
Soup/Second CourseVegetable SoupSalad-get creative!Chicken Soup with Pesach NoodlesTomato Arugula Salad with FetaChicken Soup with Pesach NoodlesEgg Salad
MainDuck with Sour Cherry ReductionGrilled Brisket with Ari's 12 Spice Rub Grilled Honey Mustard PargiotSole with Lemon Butter SauceBraised Short Ribs Salad-Get Creative!
Kiddy MainChip Chickies (Chicken nuggets with potato chip crust) Marinated Grilled Chicken BreastsSweet & Sour meatballsMatzah PizzaSweet & Sour meatballsDeli
Kiddy SideHomemade Steak FriesCrudite Veggies with Dill DipQuinoaCrudite Veggies with Dill DipQuinoaChulent
Side #1Broccoli KugelCole SlawPotato KugelZucchini PastaMashed PotatoesPotato Kugel
Side #2Asparagus with Hollandaise SauceApple KugelButternut Squash KugelBroccoli Au Gratin Cauliflower PopcornBroccoli Kugel
DessertChocolate Hazelnut MousseSorbetApple CompoteBrownie CheesecakeChocolate Hazelnut MousseFruit Platter

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