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If you follow me on Instagram (I really hope you do @koshermoms), you know that I periodically do a “no spend week”. It means we do not spend any money on anything (barring emergencies) for the whole week, including shabbos.

It means no grocery shopping, no Target runs, no Amazon, no clothing, NOTHING. You may think this is crazy( and it might very well be ), but I am here to tell you why we do it. As much as it is to save money, it’s also¬† an exercise in restraint and simplicity,¬† not getting what you want the second you want it. It’s all too easy to hop onto the Amazon or Target app and order anything at anytime. I am very guilty of perusing the deal websites just to see whats available, even if I don’t need anything at all. It is crazy how every little thing we buy adds up.

Another reason I like doing the no spend week is to shop my fridge, freezer and pantry. Its incredible what you can find in there, and it gets my creative juices flowing. Keeping a well stocked pantry/freezer is key to making these no spend weeks work. When canned goods, pasta and other shelf stable ingredients are on sale, I stock up. How often do you find something in the back of the pantry and think “when did I even get this”? Well, this practice helps you dig deep into the back of the pantry to find all those things you didn’t even know you had! I also like to keep a few shabbosim worth of meat or chicken in the freezer so I do not need to replenish every week.

We might not be eating the absolute healthiest or with the most variety, but nobody will go hungry! Some simple meals that have come out of the no spend week have been

*Breakfast for dinner

*Tuna patties

*Noodles (my kids could eat this everyday if it was up to them)

*Rice/Quinoa bowls topped with whatever veggies are available for roasting

*Freezer food (we usually have frozen pizza, vegetarian chicken nuggets, frozen veggies, frozen fruit for smoothies on hand)

I hope you will follow along on my no spend week and maybe even join me!

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  1. I like the Quinoa bowls idea enough Quinoa with enough veggies make a great meal.

    Also eggs. Always in the fridge – fry them up with some baked beans on the side
    and a delicious, nutritious meal.

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