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I first discovered Makolet Online right before Rosh Hashana when a friend of ours was coming in from Israel and bringing back Holy Cacao chocolate for us. I googled the chocolate to see which flavors were available.  Makolet Online was one of the first links to show up, so I clicked! It brought me straight to the 60% dark chocolate with coffee. Coffee and chocolate are up there on my list of favorite things on the planet, so I ordered 2, I could have ordered 20, but felt like it wouldn’t be fair to other people :). After putting 2 bars in my cart, I explored the rest of the website.  Makolet Online has a large selection of Israeli products, some typical grocery items like mayo and pickles and some harder to find items like Nany’s artichoke pesto mousse and a passion fruit obsession preserve that tastes good on anything!

I spent some time going through the website; it was broken down into very easy to navigate categories. There were so many products that really tempted me. I could have stocked up on Crembo, Bissli, Bamba and more chocolate than I would have been able to eat (ok, that’s not true; I would have been able to eat it all). Aside from all the sweets, there were also so many interesting spices, condiments, grains and oils, not to mention cleaning supplies and Shabbos candles too. The first sauce that caught my eye was the Shakshuka sauce. Shakshuka has been blowing up the internet and all food media lately. It is like the newest, coolest dish that I have yet to make. I bought two of the sauces, you know, with the one for now and one for later mentality. I know that preparing the already easy dish will be made even easier using this sauce. I ended up buying so many things! I bought the artichoke pesto mousse; because it sounds amazing and I love all things pesto. I bought a bunch of sweet spreads from the Oxygen brand, including passion fruit, carob hazelnut, peach blackberry and tahini honey. If you are a tahini lover, like we are, then you NEED this in your life! It is so intensely Techina, with a slight sweetness from the honey, I ate it straight from the jar as soon as I opened it,( or to be a little more civilized you could spread it on challah or crackers!) I also got a box of candles, a liter bottle of Avocado oil, more chocolate, a bag of wafers, you know for the kids ;). Lastly I got a container of Medjool dates, so sweet and delicious and a bag of garanim (sunflower seeds) for my Hubs and because no order from Israel is complete without them!


Once my order was placed, I immediately got an itemized confirmation email, then again got an email letting me know that my order shipped. By the time I got home from work the next day, my order was waiting for me at my doorstep! Every item in the box was wrapped carefully. The glass bottles were individually wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure nothing would break during transport (and to give hours of fun to kids popping the bubbles).

Another amazing thing about Makolet Online is the rewards system. 100 points = $1, and collecting points is super easy! Create an account, get 200 points! Is it your birthday? That will be another 200 points! Tell people about Makolet Online and get another 100 points! And, obviously you can collect points by shopping too, each dollar that you spend you get 2 points! There is no limit to how many points you can collect and they never expire!  They really value their shoppers and strive to make everyone’s shopping experience as easy as possible. Since Makolet Online loves their customers so much, they have offered my readers 15% off their orders by using promo code Koshermoms15. This coupon code isn’t expiring either! So share it will all your friends and make sure to visit and tell them that KosherMoms sent you 🙂


Disclosure: I was given this shopping cart of items by MakoletOnline in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.

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