Kids off from school? Here are some great tips on how to make Winter Break (or any vacation) a little less stressful. Guest Post

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I love having guests write posts! Especially guests who have the same love of list making as I do 🙂 Many schools are about to let out for winter break and while its exciting for the kids, it can be a little hectic! In this post Talia Feigenbaum-Maxwell shares her tips for how to make winter break a little less stressful!
I’m Talia Feigenbaum-Maxwell and I live in Bergenfield, NJ with my husband and three children.  Besides being a busy mom, I’m also a personal organizer for homes and small businesses.
Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or just want to chat about organizing!

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Kids off from school?

Kids off from school?
For 2 days? 4 days? 11 days???!!!!!
Family time is great! Time off from school is important for the kids and the teachers to recharge.
The key to a successful winter break is PREPARATION and FLEXIBILITY.
These two mindsets will help you and your family have a fun and hopefully stress-free vacation.
As important as flexibility is, it is just as important to PLAN.
So let’s get to work!
Are you staying home or going away?
Staying home: 
Make a daily schedule/ itinerary.
You can make it interesting with colorful markers ( doesn’t need to be fancy) and make copies for the kids so they can get excited about what they will be doing.
Where to go/ idea of what to do: 
Involve your kids in the process by asking them to suggest activities theyd like to do.
Next, write a list of all the different activities you can do with the your kids, considering their ages and interests.
Now, add an activity to each day of your schedule.
1. Pottery
2. Bowling
3. Museums! There are so many to choose from in NYC.
•Gullivers Gate
• Museum of Natural History
• Spy Museum
• Math Museum
• Illusion Museum
And so much more!
4. Crayola factory
5. Urban Air
6. Catch Air
7. iFly
8. Scavenger hunt
9.Escape the room
10. Billy beez
11. Ice skating
12. High exposure
13. Snow tubing
14.Liberty Science Center
15.Baking day- let the kids choose what they want to bake at home
16.  Go out for lunch or dinner and NOT RUSH
Here are 16 ideas off the top of my head 🙂 Thank Hashem, we live in a place where there are so many different activities to choose from! We just have to choose and plan.
Some days, you might be out of the house all day, so make sure to pack:
•drinks (water)
• snacks
•purell 🙂
•Double check that you have a full tank of gas!
•If you have little ones, pack a change of clothing.
•If you are going into the city, be sure to dress weather appropriate – you will likely be walking outdoors for some time.
On the first day of vacation I like to take my kids to the grocery store to choose snacks of their choice . I give them a certain amount of money they can spend (and keep the change). They choose snacks that are not normally purchased during the year. It is exciting for them to be in charge of their selection and purchase.
Going away:
This definitely needs a post of its own.
For now, here are a few tips.
A few tips for packing:
Ziplock bags are your friend…
Amazing savings sells them for a good price and are durable.
Buy the 2 gallon challah bags, the regular gallon size and quart size bags.
One way to pack is for each family member for each day.
(An outfit that includes: top, bottom, undergarments, socks, hair accessories…)
Alternatively, you could pack each family member’s different articles of clothing in separate bags.
Place all Kid A socks in one bag.
Place all Kid A skirts in another bag.
Place all Kid B socks in one bag.
Etc etc etc 🙂
Remember to label all bags with child’s name so they can find their stuff easily.
•Pack a few garage bags for laundry
-clear is best so it does not get thrown out mistakenly .
If you are going somewhere where there are water activities, keep wet stuff from your last day in a separate bag.
Warm climate:
• sunscreen
•pool shoes
Cold climate:
•outdoor gear-
• gloves
• warm socks
• hand and toe warmers
• goggles and helmet for skiing/ snowboarding
Wherever you are this winter break, have fun and be safe!!
Enjoy the time with your family 🙂


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