Covering up at the water park has never been this easy!

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My family, like many others, loves going to water parks! We go to outdoor ones in the summer and indoor ones in the winter. As an Orthodox woman, who likes to maintain a certain level of modesty, I will not wear a bathing suit plain. Until a few years ago, I would wear an oversized t-shirt and a pair of really baggy long basketball shorts. It was an outfit I wore out of necessity, not by choice.

Then one summer I saw some other women at the water park wearing tznius (modest) cover-ups made of swim suit material. What a great idea, I wanted one too! I went over and asked where they got it, and went online that night and ordered one for myself.

For the past few years, I have been wearing that skirt and top set. It was fine and did the job of covering me, but there was always one MAJOR issue for me. I had to wear a regular bathing suit underneath it, since the outfit did not come with a bra or any form of support. Not sure about everyone, but no matter how much fun I am having at the water park, there is the logistic of having to use the bathroom. Am I right ladies?! I never liked being in my bathing suit the entire day, because of that issue. (Now I know what you are thinking, why not get a two piece, well, that’s just not my thing). The swim shirt and skirt were OK for tznius purposes, but not very practical for everything else.

Enter HydoChic Modest Swimwear. HydroChic thought of everything! They have a huge variety of modest outfit options. I got the Waters Edge Hip Hiding Drop Waist Long Swim Skirt, Baseball Babe Inspired ¾ Rash Guard Swim Shirt and cup bra. Every piece is made of XTRA Life Lycra and Nylon which is so lightweight and comfortable, that I barely felt like I was wearing anything! The skirt has leggings built into it, making it SO easy to just pull on and off, and the best part of HydroChic for me, is that when you buy a shirt you pick out a bra in your size and desired level of support (cup or shelf). The cup bra was very supportive and kept me comfortable the whole day.


Here is a picture of me in my HydroChic Swimwear

The morning that we left for the water park, for my first time ever, I was able to get dressed in the comfort of my own home before leaving on the trip.  For anyone who has traveled with kids, you know that having to change one less person in a crowded changing room is invaluable! I was able to focus on changing my kids, instead of changing myself and it was great!

The outfits are made out of such breathable lightweight material perfect for spending the day in or out of the water park. I wasn’t even uncomfortable in the wet bathing suit, it never got heavy and dried quickly! The HydroChic did stretch a tiny bit when wet, but then went back to its regular size when dry, so I didn’t mind. I got many compliments on the pattern, and felt fantastic wearing it!

The Hydrochic top and skirt on my bed

I am really looking forward to my next opportunity to wear my HydroChic swimwear! If you are in the market to get your own, we have an exclusive %10 off code for you!

Use this link and enter coupon HCKM10 (coupon expires March 31,2017).

Disclosure: I was supplied a HydroChic outfit to write this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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