Turkey Avocado Cranberry Salad

Before we leave for work, the notorious question always arises: “What’s for lunch?” The answer has to be something quick and readily available. The other day, lunch was Turkey Avocado Cranberry Salad. We like to keep our options, ideally, something...Read More

A&H Man Salad!

The name says it all!  If you want a man to eat salad, it must contain MEAT. In this case, it has grilled A & H Salami. This salad has enough spice, color and crunch to convince a man that...Read More

Tomato Arugula Salad

This is one of my favorite salads.  The dark green arugula provides a clean, peppery taste and perfectly complements the refreshing juiciness of sliced beefsteak tomatoes. Sliced scallions sprinkled on top of the tomatoes give a great color contrast and...Read More