Facon Wrapped Avocados

Jack’s Gourmet makes a fabulous kosher option for bacon (adorably referred to as “Facon”)that, while its robust, smoky, taste is delicious on its own, is even better when deep fried around a cube of creamy avocado. This makes an excellent...Read More

Sweet & Spicy Salami

Using Jack's Spicy Italian Style Salami, is change from the classic salami. This is a great side dish for those who enjoy a good salami with a little extra kick. It is spicy with a sweet undertone that makes you...Read More

Dorm Room Meat Sauce

The history of my cooking skills are a bit shady. Smoke filled back room yeshiva kitchens and mystery meat, etc. But some of what I was able to create was by far decent. One such recipe was my Dorm Room...Read More