Vegetarian Lentil Pate

This unique pate can double as hors d’oeuvres or lunch at the office.  Its base of sautéed onions makes this savory and creamy dish rich and sweet.  It can be served on a flatbread or cracker with a wedge of...Read More

Butternut Squash Soup

One Sunday morning, I had nothing major on the agenda, and wanted to feel productive. I had a butternut squash staring at me from the kitchen counter and knew just what to do. Butternut squash soup is always a crowd...Read More

Pulled Beef Tarts

Wow, this is a simple recipe that gets its miles worth. It literally takes minutes to make and prepare. The Jack's Pulled Beef is a great product for an appitzer  and add Bets Select's Tart Shells, a product usually reserved...Read More

Bourbon Balls

I hoard food magazines. Every week, I love reading interesting recipes from across the globe and see how I can replicate it in my own kitchen. Sometimes it is a challenge to convert those recipes to kosher, but other times,...Read More