A Look Back At My Favorite Things From KFWE 2017

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You know how Oprah has a list of her favorite things, and then does a crazy giveaway and announces things loudly? Well I am by no means Oprah, can’t scream that loud, and will not be hosting a giveaway at the end of this post (but follow us on FB and Instagram because we do host awesome giveaways!) I do want to share a list of my favorite things from this past Monday’s KFWE that I had the pleasure of attending.

First up was Ari White’s display. Ari is the chef behind the incredible BBQ and catering company The Wandering Que and Got Cholent. I have been following Ari on Instagram (and literally follow him to his Wandering Que pop ups), and was so excited to get a taste of the sausages that he has been lovingly working on for the past few months.  They did not disappoint! Look out for them in your local kosher supermarkets, as they will be coming to market very soon!

Of course there was also his famous pulled brisket and BBQ smoked chicken – paired perfectly with house-made pickled onions and bread and butter pickles.  And then there was the most fantastic thing in the world- the lamb bacon brittle- you heard me- fleishig candy! Some people thought it was too sweet, I thought it was perfection- hello! It’s fleishig candy!!!

The next beautiful display was from Pomegranate.  It was such a joy to finally get to taste all those enticing dishes from Chef Isaac Bernstein. My favorite was the Steam Buns with Beef Cheeks and Asian Pickle. The pillowy bun, paired with the savory beef and unexpected umami filled flavor of the cucumber kept me going back for more! They also had the classics like kugel and chulent. And the greben…oh, the greben!!!!! Chef Isaac kicked that old world fried chicken skin up a million notches with exciting flavors like truffle and honey chipotle. I just had one bite to satisfy the craving, because seriously, who could say no to fried chicken skin?

I was the designated driver, so I couldn’t indulge too much, but I was able to try a few really great wines and spirits earlier in the day.

My absolute most exciting find of the day was the Jack Miller’s Apple Pie Moonshine.  It is distilled in small handcrafted batches at a family farm in upstate New York, in the only 100% Kosher for Passover micro distillery in the US.  It is bottled in an uber trendy mason jar, with an old fashioned label. It almost makes you think of Jack himself stirring the moonshine in his farmhouse bathtub…jk. Seriously though, it is sweet and warm and oh so delicious! And did I mention its OU-P?! I am so looking forward to having it in our home on Pesach! It retails for around $15 for a 750ml bottle.  What a great deal!

The next wines on my list are from the Morad Winery, owned by Ellen and Gershon Bodner. Aside from making delicious wines, they are such sweet people. The passion fruit and lychee wines have been my favorites from Morad, and now they are bringing a new flavor to market very soon, Very Berry. Yes, I am sure you guessed by the name what it is; it’s another great sweet fruit wine to look forward to.

Another very cool company that was at KFWE was DeVine wine accessories. They manufacture very useful and innovative gadgets to enhance your wine drinking experience. They sell the “Ah So” wine opener, which is great for opening older wine bottles that might have a dried cork. They also sell the coolest wine bag I have ever seen.  It’s very classy looking faux leather that starts out looking like a trivet, but just by pulling it, it turns into a stunning mesh wine bag! It’s a far cry from the standard wine bags out there. They are available for purchase at wine stores and on Amazon.

All in all, I had a really great Kosher Food and Wine Experience (see the play on words there?). Thank you to Royal Wines for hosting such a great day!  It was amazing to meet people from the industry and try new things. Can’t wait till KFWE 2018!

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