5 Great Ideas For Easy Travel Meals Over Winter Break! Guest post by: Shaindy of My Happily Hectic Life

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I am so thrilled to introduce you to my friend Shaindy! I’ve talked about her before and how I think she is a sort of  superwoman! Shaindy has 3 little boys and has a corporate America job and manages to get it all done. I love reading her  blog My Happily Hectic Life,   where she offers menu plans, organizing tips, awesome Mommy hacks and so many other things. 


Hi all! I’m Shaindy, a full-time working mom trying my best to survive motherhood, piles of laundry and swarms of intense, smart people at my very corporate job. My hobby right now is blogging at My Happily Hectic Life  – where I talk about work-life balance, kosher freezer cooking, mom-guilt and all of the household short-cuts I take and am not embarrassed about.

I am thrilled that Shoshie asked me to guest post on her blog! Usually when people guest-post they are blogging buddies, but what makes this special is that Shoshie and I are friends in real life… like we’ve known each other before we each had our own blogs. So, needless to say, I’m honored to be here so share some tips with you and I’m still wondering why I hadn’t thought to ask her to guest post first. Anyway, on with the post.

Shoshie and her family have been lucky enough to take awesome water park vacations that included kosher meals. We can’t always find such fantastic deals, so today I want to share with you some travel food ideas for those of us who cannot always find great kosher vacation deals. This is just in time for Yeshiva week, so if you didn’t plan anything because you were stressing about the food situation, hopefully these ideas will lower your anxiety and let you plan a great time away.

#1 Take-out Food
I have a friend who didn’t want to cook for vacation so she literally bought take-out from a restaurant. The food she got wasn’t fancy, but was easy. Some ideas include chicken wraps, tuna/egg salad, bagels, kugels and grilled chicken.

#2 Pre-made Food
An awesome idea I saw years ago was when I first started reading about freezer cooking. There was a large family that was going on vacation, so they would have freezer cooking sessions specifically geared towards their vacation. This enabled them to take advantage of local supermarket deals and buying in bulk.

#3 Grilling Food
Once when we went to a hotel we bought a George Forman grill to use specifically for vacation. It’s small, portable and easy to use. We packed marinated chicken breast, hotdogs and hamburgers for a really yummy and fresh meal.

#4 Frozen Food
Golden’s potato pancakes, cheese blintzes, Tabachnik soup/chili, and frozen pizza are just some ideas, but all you really need to do is look for ideas in the frozen section of the supermarket. To make these can be tricky, but I’ve known people to take along microwaves and toaster ovens on their vacations. If you’re driving then they don’t take up much room.

#5 Supermarket Food
This will work for most trips, unless you’re going to be in the middle of nowhere. Usually vacation destinations have supermarkets that the locals go to. Take advantage of this! It’s probably best not to completely rely on this, but there are definitely certain items we don’t usually pack with us, like cereal, milk, yogurt, snacks like pretzels and chips, and even sometime fruits and veggies.

And there you have it- 5 ways to make packing food for your vacations easier!

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