BBQ Pulled Beef Fried Wontons

Jack's Gourmet makes a BBQ Pulled Beef Brisket that is ready made, ready to use!  All you have to do for this dish is purchase wonton wrappers (and a deep-fryer, for those of you who don't own one). The result...Read More

Easy Banana Oats Cookies

ONLY THREE INGREDIENTS! If you're living on a restrictive diet, you know that having food options that taste great and fill needs in your daily routine are the most important factors in being able to follow through with your diet....Read More

Turkish Künefe Dessert

I once took some colleagues from work to a Mediterranean restaurant to experience kosher food. We were comparing notes on food and culture when she shared with me that if I never had "Künefe" (here's how to pronounce it); it...Read More