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I started “making Pesach” my third year married, in the way of cleaning and koshering, but not yet making the Sedarim. My first time making the whole Pesach was just a few months after our second child was born 5 years ago, and boy was it overwhelming. I remember very clearly thinking I had it all under control, until the morning of the Seder rolled around and I realized that I didn’t have a zeroah for the seder plate! Had I had a book like “ Duby’s Pesach Lists” to guide me, not only would I have not needed to run to my mother in law for a last minute chicken bone, I would have also been calmer during the busy pre Pesach season.  Mrs. Duby Litvin is now on her third edition of her popular “Duby’s Pesach Lists”. She decided to write it when she realized that so many of us women were incredibly overwhelmed and frazzled at the very mention of the word Pesach, let alone at all the work involved in the holiday.  This book is incredible for the Pesach novice,( as well as a great refresher for the well seasoned),I encourage anyone who is preparing for the holiday for the first time to get a copy, it will no doubt be invaluable.

Like many busy Mom’s out there I love lists! I love hanging them on the fridge and checking things off one by one, and feeling so accomplished along the way. Duby has every imaginable list in this book from cleaning to cooking to year to year inventory! Duby’s lists are so thorough, I love having the extra perspective.  For anyone who says there is nothing to eat on Pesach, Duby gives many menu ideas that will sure be helpful when it is time to sit down and write your menu. Btw, one thing that helps me organize the seemingly endless cooking, is keeping my menu from year to year. I tweak some things of course, but the overall ideas stay the same. Another thing that Duby and I do the same is keeping inventory. The minute Yom Tov is over, before I start packing everything away, I write my lists of what I need for next year. Did I break a glass or did the food processer break? Did I buy 6 cans of potato starch but only used 1? This way I can buy the things I need throughout the year, and not need to spend that much more money right before Pesach. When I see a good deal during the year, I grab it! Duby talks about this as well as other ways to budget, going over this info again and again is sure to keep you on track monetarily.

Duby even made up signs adorably signed by the Pesach Police, to remind people to keep the chametz out! She also made up super cute matza place cards to help seat people at the seder. Like I said before, Duby really thought of everything, and neatly put it all together in this really useful pre Pesach book.

All in all I really enjoyed reading   Duby’s Pesach Lists, it has great tips to help any woman through the busy season. Aside from the step by step tips, here are my very important takeaways.

1) Pesach comes the same time every year. It is always the 15th of the Hebrew month of Nissan. It is never “early” or “late” (regardless of leap years) Secondly, the holiday never changes. The same thing needs to be done each year. This is where planning in advance helps tremendously.

2) Pesach is only 8 days long, keep that in perspective and enjoy the Yom Tov.

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