Q&A With Jay: KosherMoms Interviews Jay Buchsbaum of Royal Wine Corp. Ahead of KFWE 2017

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KosherMoms had the opportunity to interview Mr. Jay Buchsbaum, Executive V.P. of Marketing, and Director of Wine Education for Royal Wine CorporationWe asked him several questions on his expert knowledge of kosher wines, what’s new in his field and for some of his own personal recommendations.

KosherMoms: Hi, Jay! Thank you for taking the time to speak with us at KosherMoms and share your expertise with us! We are really looking forward to seeing you at KFWE (Kosher Food & Wine Experience) on February 13th!

​JB: Great! We are looking forward as well!

KosherMoms: Our new kosher lifestyle blog is a hub for creative food and drink recipes (among many other things!).  Based on Royal Wine’s huge selection, which wine would you feel is best for making a fruity Sangria at home?

JB: There is an already blended Sangria from Spain called “Elvi”, but please note that it isn’t kosher for Pesach. Otherwise, you can use a simple kiddush wine like Kedem Light Concord, but only add the fruit—no sugar, since the sugar is already in that wine.

KosherMoms: Is there a rule of thumb for pairing wine with food?

JB: I would ask a good local retailer, but the key is that the wine should ‘match’ the flavors of the food.  For example, if you’re having a rich dish with complex flavors, pair it with a rich wine with complex flavors. Conversely, a light dish deserves a lighter wine.

KosherMoms: Which wine would you recommend for relaxing with friends on a weeknight, vs. drinking for Kiddush?

JB: For the sweet wine drinker, Bartenura Moscato is always a great choice as a quaffing wine. I prefer something on the drier side, so Shiloh Legend or Teperberg Chardonnay would be great for red and white, respectively, for Kiddush.

​KosherMoms: What are some new wine trends for 2017?

JB: Israeli and French wines, and taking a new look at California wines.

KosherMoms: Is there a real difference in taste between Mevushal and Non Mevushal wines?

Yes, often there is, but often that difference has the Mevushal wine tasting better than the non Mevushal.  Mevushal is friendlier, easier and more accessible to drink.

KosherMoms: Many people like to buy a lower-priced bottle as a gift or to have at home.  Which wine offers the most “bang for your buck”, for spending $15 and under?

JB: It depends on whether you like it dry, off-dry or semi-sweet.  Jeunesse is great for off-dry or semi-sweet; Baron Herzog Chenin is a good option for off-dry and Baron Herzog Cabernet is a great choice for dry wine.

KosherMoms: What are some new wines that are out this year?

JB: Too many to count! Come to the KFWE in February and you’ll see them all, and taste an amazing array of food and wine together!




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